Google Print Accepting PDFs

Google are now acepting PDF files for their Print programme .

Previously you had to have a physical book with ISBN number then mail it so it could be scanned by the Google team. One of the restrictions have now been lifted and PDF files are now able to be uploaded although it still has to have an ISBN (and consequently) be available as a printed tome through a registered publisher. Follow the title link for the full post.

The one downside is that you have to use Google software to upload the books and it is Windows only. The standard machine for page layout and setup is Mac with Quark so it may not assist all members of the print programme.

For book publishers like me this is a god send and I want to doff my proverbial hat to the Google team on taking a common sense decision on that reduces G's physical costs (I am sure pdf scanning is a lot cheaper as it can be automated) , enables easier delivery for more publishers and I believe will increase the content in your print programme exponentially.

P.S. Google will also be accepting books at the London Book Fair

Email snippet from Google follows, but full info at the URL above

Upload your PDF format books directly

Avoid the extra step of shipping books and upload PDF format books directly.
Go to and log in to your account
Choose the My Books tab and click Send Books
Follow the instructions to install and use the application
Remember, you must still upload your book list by choosing Upload Book List from the My Books tab in your account.

Find out what's happening to your books

To give you more visibility into the status of your titles, Google has added more detail to the Book Status page of your publisher account. Titles will now be marked with one of the following states:
Pending: your book is waiting to be scanned
Processing: your book is going through the scanning process
Processed: your book has been scanned and the file has been sent to be processed and included in our index
Live: your book is live; click the title to view the book in Google Print
View your book list offline

We've also added the ability to download your book list so that you can view it offline. Simply click Download report from the Book Status page of your account. Your book list will be saved in CSV (comma separated values) format and can be opened with spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel.

Update your booklist with author information

We encourage you to submit author information about each of your books to make sure that the most accurate information is displayed. Follow the instructions in your account to upload an updated book list with author information included.


Google Print

I did a deal at the beginning of last year with a book publisher to put their content on the Web. This was the first time I had encountered Google Print. To be honest, it seemed a bit of no-brainer for the publisher. Google were offering to take all their content and scan it for free and then pay them commission on clicks. I had to fight hard to assure them that we would make them more money off their content!

In the end they divided their content between Google Print and us. Since then I haven't heard much about Print Program or seen many of the [book] listings in results but I expect it to gain momentum this year as it is a very good concept. Especially now in light of Jason's comments above as that makes entry level simpler

Google Updates

Google print now accepting PDF files. Google adds weather to their search results. Google upgrades their local search product.