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Domain Owners Lose Privacy
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Wired report that you will no longer be able to register .us domain names via a proxy to protect your identity. .com .net and .org are unaffected:

he Electronic Privacy Information Center said the move violates First Amendment rights to anonymous free speech. And the representative of one of the largest domain-registration companies is concerned that customers who have been victims of stalkers won't be able to protect their privacy without changing their web address to a domain that offers anonymity.

Wired News has learned that the edict came a month ago from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, the Commerce Department agency that advises the president on telecommunications and information policy. The agency ruled with no warning and without any discussion with the companies accredited to sell and register .us domains. The domain companies were told they would lose their right to sell .us domains -- the official, top-level domain for the United States -- if they didn't comply.


I actually think this is sens

I actually think this is sensible. Ultimately though, us domains are owned by NTIA and if you want one then follow their rules.

My long dead grandfather used to say,

If you don't like the rules of the club, you can always leave

And when you purchase a US domain name you join the NTIA club.

I would also like to see this rule being brought in for .com .net .org .info and .biz too!

WoW. I neber thought I'd take a similar POV to what I guess the guys n gals at the plex have :D

That's bizarre. Why even bot

That's bizarre. Why even bother at all if they won't touch the .com and .net and all the other extensions?

It seems like a half assed thing to do...its like the US commerce department wanted to make sure they only bothered with domains they *knew* would affect only the United States. But I don't think I've ever seen a .us domain name. Ever.

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