RIP Michael Turner, One of the 1st Generation of SEO Pioneers


Michael Turner, one of the first generation of SEO pioneers in this industry, was shot and killed on a beach in the Phillipines.

Mr. Turner founded Harvest SEO, and was very active at a lot of the Search Engine Strategies and Pubcon conferences. An online memorial has been set up here and there are a lot of comments on his Facebook page.


Nasty to hear. I used to

Nasty to hear. I used to speak link building stuff whith him back in the day and he remained in my IM contacts although we did not speak for a long time. He also had one of his employees steal all his computers and tried to take his clients several years back. I think he got them back eventually. It seems there was always some drama in his life living in the Phillipines, to be honest I think he sort of liked it. obviously this person does not seem to like him either by the negative tone.

Horrible news and such a horrible way to die.




A shame

Unfortunately, Michael chose a hot-bed of violence in which to reside. The Philippines' corruption rivals even Mexico (we're a bit of a poster-child for corrupt police and politicos down here), and Mindanao is so bad that for years now, the military have been involved in ongoing combat with the Muslim rebels/smugglers. The south end of the P.I. is very much a frontier.

Any American is a potential trophy for every sort of kidnapper or casual killer down there. Any investigation is normally likely to be measured in hours, not days. It looks like this one is at least getting more attention...

That he survived as long as he did shows that he was savvy and capable... a shame to end like that. My guess would be either a revenge execution or a hate crime. Either would have meant his girlfriend's death as well, whether as a witness or for consorting with an Anglo.

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