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Gaming gets bigger in Sunnyvale
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Marketwatch are reporting that Yahoo have purchased Stadeon to enhance their multiple gaming offering.

It seems to have pleased the markets as Yahoo was worth a penny more per share after the deal was announced

Stadeon makes technology that allows multiplayer video games to be played across different gaming platforms. For example, a person on a personal computer could play a game against someone on a cell phone.



A little more here: UPDATE 3-Yahoo launches mobile video game studio

"Yahoo wants to be part of the party," said Janco Partners analyst Martin Pyykkonen.

Yahoo's strategy is to use games as well as e-mail and other services to keep users on its Web site. Gaming will not likely soon become a large revenue producer, as Yahoo gets most of its sales from online advertising, Pyykkonen said.

He also said Yahoo was likely to target places like China and other parts of Asia, targeted by Yahoo and other Web companies future growth

As a side note: If anyone is wondering why this didnt hit the homepage, it's becuase i've been really trying not to get into games and music here aswell - we're broad enough as it is sometimes heh..

Complaints to my inbox as usual please :)

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