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MSN Developer Network?
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Been seeing rumblings that certain Microsofties get that developers would love really good search APIs that allow real applications to be built. Microsoft could definately take the lead here..

Mike Torres points out that both Yahoo (see YSDN FAQ) and Google (see Google API FAQ) have similar restrictions in their terms of use. It would be good to see MSN leading the way here. We've already gone one step better by not requiring developers to register and get application IDs. We should be able to the loosen the terms of use as well.

One thing Microsoft are really good at it's keeping developers happy, will be interesting to see what happens.


MSN RSS. I wasn't aware of


I wasn't aware of that. WooHoo!

They may not know how to throw a party but they know how to put a smile on my face :D


MSN added RSS back around the beginning of Janurary...

Can't beleive i've not tried it yet. What i'd like to know is how useful would that be for programs and such?

What i'd like to know is how useful would that be for programs and such?

Putting aside licencing issues and constraints (which to be fair is not much different from MS compared to Y or G) then it is bloody damn useful.

A feed is a feed, whether it is SOAP, prop XML over http or RSS.

RSS simply means less code quicker use as it's a well known standard

Is MSN generally starting to "get it"?

(Or: "There, around, and back again" - internal joke, sorry :)

Okay, first: They really deserve a link. There's some interesting stories on that front page for those that don't know what they've been up to lately.

MSN is starting to rock the boat, imho. And sofar i like it. Regarding search, especially the Encarta integration.

Here's a nice example of a question that Google can't answer, but MSN can. Now, that's where a search engine stops "forcing users to search" and in stead delivers information like it should. (thread).

Thinking in terms of "search" is wrong for so many reasons, the most important being quite simple: Users don't want to "search". SE's and their employees might want to search, but users just want to "find". How hard can it be?

Realizing that, is taking users seriously. Taking users seriously is the winning path.


Track favourite searches using an aggregator,

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