Google Plus and Authorship rankings: The good old "SEO" method works best?


There are a few things we have been taught about seeing "Authorship-enhanced" (with the photo) results in Google search:

  • You must claim your content (easy way is here)
  • That account must be preferably well-connected
  • There should probably be other social signals

Now, there's an interesting article looking at real estate listings rankings: And it looks like the really important factor is one we are missing: The profile content should be all about the topic and it should be very-well linked with your site.

In other words, if all you do is post about real estate, your Google Plus account is well-optimized for real estate and the individual updates from your profile make it to the top ten easily.

I noticed that in other disciplines the people that were having the best results in Google’s search results were the people that posted exclusively about one or two things.

Looking at this through my SEO lens I started to see Google Authors as living websites.  When we optimize a website, basic SEO still works.  Keywords and keyword density still matter.  But instead of, it was now the author as the umbrella website and everything he wrote was the content of that website.  If a writer consistently writes about a specific topic, the writer, like a website will rank high for that topic.

Here's the detailed video with one sample search.