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Wiki Becomes a Way of Life
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The power of community eh? Wired runs a story on the somewhat obsessive habbits of some wikipedians:

He admits his wife is on to something when she calls him a repository of "lots of random bits of information." This is a man with a garage full of hobbies: photography, woodworking, cooking, gardening, chess, aquariums and computers. "It seems that I'm never content to stick with the same interests," he said. "But I always strive to find new ones."

Recently, Ramsey has been on a self-imposed Wiki vacation, but he often spends four to six hours a day penning or fixing Wikipedia articles. Why? "I feel strongly in the ideals that Wikipedia stands for, and that drives me to use my programming skills to be as productive as possible."

I admire dedication, but you've gotta wonder where his income comes from heh..


you've gotta wonder where his income comes from

Nick, if I recall, somebody was wondering where your income came from a few weeks ago.

In times gone by one went on the Grand Tour

If you had been a nobleman in the 18th century, you would have completed your education with a period of European travel. This so-called Grand Tour could last from a few months to 8 years, thus only the very wealthy, with the time and means to travel, could participate. By undertaking the Tour, young men learned about the politics, culture, and art of neighboring lands.

Today one sits at home in ones underpants and writes things on the web apparently. But even today only the "very wealthy" can participate, eh?

>very wealthy

Well, that rules me right out then! heh...

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