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Confirmation: Yahoo is testing a Google Adsense competitor
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Tom Foremski is saying that he has confirmation that Yahoo's YPN contextual ads for small publishers is for real - though i'd ask why he even thinks confirmation is necessary? It's bloody obvious mate, stop dressing up old news in an effort to garner link love.


Damn! I linked him! heh..


link love is that what you are doing here Nick:)


Love you and buy you a beer in Stansted:)



It is kinda funn isn't it?

Toms a good bloke and runs a great blog, but that piece is outrageous. He's way behind the curve so redresses a story he missed? heh...

bad boy tom, in yer basket!


and a beer in Standsted.....

Can I rehash some press releases

Go on Nick and then you can link to some of our sites:)


Sorry Nick!

I can't turn the old hack instinct off sometimes...:-)


Hey Tom, welcome to Threadwatch, do introduce yourself here

>>old hack instincts

I love to read jouno's turned blogger - lots to learn, the thing about distributed conversation is that you cant get away with a damn thing though! heh..

Keep up the good work on SVG, it's a smashing site.

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