Rubel Calls for Action on Google Autolink

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What Traffic Google Giveth, AutoLink Taketh
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Rubel is calling for action on the Evil™ Google Autolink atrocity. Talking about it's similarity to M$'s aborted Smart Tags he said:

Today Google has a similar public relations crisis on its hands, but it’s choosing to ignore a case study taken directly from Crisis Management 101 by continuing its arrogance. Consider what Google product manager Marissa Mayer told Washington Post columnist Leslie Walker: Mayer said that online publishers that want to protect their content should add links to prevent Google from doing so because the Toolbar technology will not override existing links. In other words, Google is saying “Tough luck. This is your problem, not ours.” What nerve.

Adwords Advertisers Urged to Act

The reason Google has yet to back down is that its AdWords customers have yet to speak up. AutoLink clearly threatens to erode some of the value that Google’s advertisers receive from AdWords by taking some of that traffic back.

If you are an AdWords customer and you think this is overreaching, now is the time to act. Speak up. Demand that Google play nice by giving you an AutoLink opt-out. After all, you’re paying for them to give you traffic. Do you really want them taking it away behind your back? Google has already ignored the influencers over the AutoLink debacle and it seems like it is on track to be even more aggressive. But if Google AdWords customers speak up, you might be able to ensure that your content and traffic remains just that -- yours.

Google, get out of this now. Remember where your reputation came from, what we gave, we can take away just as easily.



I think the next step will have to be an adwords/adsense walkout if this gets out of beta.

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