SurfWax, Inc. Launches Nextaris

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SurfWax, Inc. Launches Nextaris
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SurfWax, Inc., a provider of Internet search and post-search solutions, has formally launched its Web-based Nextaris service. Nextaris is an integrated set of Web-based tools that are intended to allow users to easily search, capture, manage, securely share, and publish online information and collaborative blogs from the desktop or Web-enabled mobile devices.

Nextaris is designed to enable Web users to: capture and save both Web content (pages, clippings, images) and desktop files to secure Nextaris online folders; securely access these folders/files from Web-enabled devices, wired or wireless; securely share folders/files (including photos, video, spreadsheets, documents); publish blogs/RSS feeds, and folders; search multiple Web sources and track news; and network with friends, family, and colleagues through spam-free private messaging.

It is also available in a mobile version and more info can be found here.