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Yahoo Publisher Network
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Well, it certainly didn't need confirming, but here's the subdomain all ready to go:

Already starting to create a small buzz and with Tom's post earlier today saying he'd had a source at Yahoo confirm it looks like the topic of Yahoo! vs Adsense will be a hot one in coming weeks.

As dirson points out though, this could be something to do with the long awaited blogs move from Y!

I doubt that very much indeed though. Game on!


Seems a bit bizzare that they

Seems a bit bizzare that they're using constantcontact. :)

I thought that as well...

I signed up as well and was thrown by the constantContact....

I don't know if I'm more exci

I don't know if I'm more excited to try Yahoo out or at what Google might add to their service to keep publishers in their network.

Bring it!

BTW I noticed the confirmation email came from

"Yahoo seeks to expand in Google territory"

Under the headline "Yahoo seeks to expand in Google territory" CNet is running the story today

Web publishers responded positively to news that Yahoo plans to compete with Google, given Google's unchallenged pricing power to date. Many publishers and industry watchers have also criticized Google for its rigid partnership contracts, which prevent publishers visibility into the total money generated from AdSense on their sites and disallow customers to talk about their paychecks.

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