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Google Toolbar's AutoLink and the Need for Opt-Out, Part 1
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In this, the first of a multi-part series on Autolink, Danny Sullivan looks at the issues involved

  • How AutoLink Works
  • We've Been Here Before
  • Monopoly and Monetary Fears
  • Future Development
  • What's Acceptable? What's Not?

The article draws heavily on his conversation with Marissa Mayer, Google's director of consumer Web products.

He draws no conclusions in this article, and presents the arguments for and against AutoLink. Next up in the series is "Drawing the line at links." Stay tuned.


One thing I'll give Danny is

One thing I'll give Danny is that he does not take sides. Sometimes I am frustrated by that, but most of the time I appreciate his journalistic integrity.

Journalistic integrity

What, not having an opinion?

Makes for very informative, but often bland reading IMO

Not everyone will take a rant to heart, Nick. I'm a big fan of those who have the ability to coldly slice & dice something so that everything is exposed. That method is not very dramatic but it is also very hard to dismiss it as an unobjective, agenda-oriented smear campaign --and that's what makes it powerful. Not everything is exposed as easily as the cloaking gaff.


is that...

I'm with grnidone on this

More I hear about the man more I like the cut of his jib, and every now and again you can just see a glint of the steel behind that velvet glove.

Steel not velvet

>Steel behind that velvet glove

not at all like the velvet behind that other fora

INTEGRITY is what will last......

Diplomacy has its place...

...and if handled competently, intelligently and even-handedly, it won't ooze untrustworthiness, or mark someone as a shameless ass-kisser or sellout. ;-)

Danny handles it quite well, IMO.


I didn't say he had horns :) Just that i often find him a bit bland...

I spoke to him today and have had a few personal encounters though we've never met, seems like a decent bloke...

I'd love to meet Danny

I want to see if he's really that reasonable and reasoned or if he actually has to bite his lip and rewrite three times :)

Nah... he is

He is, we spoke on the phone one time, and he's as mild mannered, polite and articulate as he appears to be. Lesser mortals get to air their petty fits of anger and make cockups online everday...


Mild mannered, polite, articu

Mild mannered, polite, articulate man from Orange County California.

There is no "stardust" about this gentleman.

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