Is Cnet Seeing Ghosts and Inventing Stories?

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Why Is CNET Trying To Invent A Google VoIP Story?
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Mike at techdirt posts an good point about Cnet's rumourmongering on Google and VoIP - Not that i'd point a finger for rumourmongering without holding my hand up high aswell :)

Earlier this year, almost single-handedly, CNET took a Google job posting and jumped to all sorts of conclusions about how Google was planning a VoIP offering -- without one shred of actual evidence. Other news sites went even further, but it was CNET that started the rumor with very little to go on. While that rumor finally died out, it looks like CNET can't get enough of the silly speculation business, and has resurrected the rumor based on nothing more than the fact that there were some Google employees at VON -- including the fact that one Google employee is (gasp!) a personal friend of Jeff Pulver, who created and runs VON.

It does raise the issue of how far we should trust traditional media, or big media though eh? - Just 'cos it's on Cnet, doesn't mean it's true - and they're clearly as prone to a good bit of gossip as the rest of us...