Microsoft Test Web Based Aggregator - Snubs Firefox

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Microsoft's RSS aggregator
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So, wanna see what might be coming soon, in answer to Ask Jeeves' Bloglines? Of course you do!

Will be the Next Big Online Aggregator?

Here it is, as part of MSN's Sandbox:

You'll need to view it in IE, and you'll need to hit the "show" link at the top left to see what it does - it didn't appear to work at all when i tried it but hey, it's in the sandbox! heh..

Snubbing Firefox

Naturally throws web standards out of the window and thus Firefox with it, what more would you expect? (Small Plastic Trumpet™ to the first one to point out that Threadwatch doesn't validate either heh..) but if they're going to work on this, one would hope that it's not a deliberate snub and that it will look good in as many modern browsers as possible.

We will see.


Bring on the trumpets :)

I am not exactly sure what creates this "incompatability" but I know you, Nick, are aware of the fact that it's a nightmare to mark, copy and paste post texts in here. But, I am not sure if it's "just" a problem for us 9x% IE users ... hehe :)

Add Content

I tried clicking the Add Content area and adding TW by entering the URL of the site... and it froze on me.

IE's error reporting gave me:

Line: 4
Char: 29297
Error: Permission denied
Code: 0

Add Content [2]

I have to report the same behaviour as qwerty when trying to add an rss channel... MY rss channel... it works fine with all other RSS aggregators including bloglines which I use every day

I get the same scripting error at the same line and character as qwerty.

and the fact that it doesn't support Firefox? grrr Microsoft.

Function over form...

(Small Plastic Trumpetâ„¢ to the first one to point out that Threadwatch doesn't validate either heh..)

I couldn't care less about validation, as long as the site functions, which TW does quite nicely in both Firefox and Mozilla 0.9x/Mac, so it's good enough for me...

...and the fact that this site is run by M$ is enough reason for me to skip it. ;-) I'm just that kind of compulsive ideologue, what can I say? hehe


Nick, if you switched to an XHTML 1.0 Transitional doctype (easy) and fixed the unescaped ampersands (harder) you'll have fixed the vast majority of the validation errors. Of course, on a heavily dynamic site with user input such as this 100% validation is a pipe dream, so it's not necessarily a big priority. Can I have my plastic trumpet now?!

As for, definitely out of the sandbox (the MSN one, not the Google one!) too early. Admittedly they usually fix things for other browsers before going final. Won't be using it, of course, however good it gets - I'm just as ideological as mivox!

Check it out in Firefox now

If you check out in firefox now you'll get a message saying

We hear you: Firefox support is coming soon!
And seriously, we're just messing around with some prototypes here.
Do let us know what you think, though!

Atleast they hear us ... unlike some other company who advises us to listen to our users but their users havnt heard from them

Your wish is granted apparently

Now in new Firefox flavor!

Shock, a big company that listens to its customers! ;O)

And it sort of works

Entering the full path to TW's feed ( worked... on the third try.

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