Threadwatch Editors: rollcall!


As it's almost impossible to find a way to speak to the active ones, here we go - rollcall! Who is actually here?

Also, is Jim actually planning to do anything with this site or should we just come back later?

Mod discussion thread for private use, in case anyone wants to.


There are not many active

There are not many active mods here actually... We are currently looking for more mods to add to the team...

The first step is re-design - I know it's taking long but it's Drupal we are talking about here :)

Which other changes would you like to see? Ideas?!

boo :)   I'm alive and here

boo :)


I'm alive and here and have lots of thoughts.... Not sure if they are appropriate for discussion openly though :)


Happy to chat on phone if anyone wants a chinwag - Ping me for the number, although it's quite public anyway :)

I'm here

I'm here, alive and kicking. I personally like the 'old style' design, it's classic.

I am here


I am here. I think there is a new design in development as we speak.....I can check on that though.....I think the plan for now is to continuing fostering a community here. Does anyone have any ideas on how to improve?

"Does anyone have any ideas

"Does anyone have any ideas on how to improve?"

I think this place is better suspended until there's a plan of action - presuming things are going to drag on. TW had a strong reputation, but all the time it limps along here, it loses people's interest. A few more months of nothing but clearing spam is going to demoralise editors, I think, too. It would be better to hang a sign on the front saying "Coming soon!" to hold any attention, and then mass email when ready.

And not sure we need more editors - we need more contributors. :)

> clearing spam is going to

> clearing spam is going to demoralise editors

> we need more contributors. :

hear hear!



can we recruit some?

> we need more contributors.

I absolutely agree, maybe we can each commit to recruiting some folks to submit stories? TW is what we make of it.

RE: Spam The thing is, spam

RE: Spam

The thing is, spam seldom gets published: Only editors see it, so it isn't really holding any users back. we are working on various ways to block it, but for some reason a lot still goes through... I am cleaning the site daily: How much time weekly do you think you spend cleaning spam here? - Trying to get the problem better...

RE: "Coming soon"

What's the purpose? More content and submissions would make it active: So the best thing would be to actually share more stories... I agree with Joe: We could just find contributors and get them share news here...

Final thought:

  • Do you think it would be more productive if we could split the days of the week among the editors? This way we could be sure something is going on here daily.... Just a thought. It's your call...

I'm here too

I'm a crap mod. Same over at WMW. But I react with a kick.

Ther could be a "Daily Crap Cull" where one post lists:

The single best posty on WMW

The Single best post on SEOChat

The Single best post on Moz (give 'em one...)

You get the idea. "We read the crap, so you don't have to..."

Only problem is... someone's got to actually review the crap!


"What's the purpose?"Give

"What's the purpose?"

Give Jim time to build a strategy. TW is a great asset but needs a leader, a personality to drive enthusiasm. IMO. :)


I'm here...

I'm here several times each day, throughout the week and weekend. I know that several have been actively sharing posts on Twitter, and personally, I think it'll be more productive to continue with that, rather than suspend things 'til the redesign is done. I'll be adding my efforts to that.The non-editors never see the spam, so it's no skin of their noses, and for those of us sharing the cleaning chores, I think it just goes with the territory. If it's too big a chore, anyone can ask to be removed from the editor list.


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