Stelios gets into the clothes biz!


Or at least according to the typo within his new site at Easy Mobile

As an easyMobile customer you are able to use WAP. Please note that you may not be able to access 18-rated services because you have a content lock. Content Lock has been created to reassure parents that their children won't be able to access 18-rated services such as open chatrooms, gambling, some games and adult content. If you want to remove a content lock, you should just contact our Costumer Service

Putting that aside though Stelios has entered the mobile phone biz in the UK and is offering a VERY competitive tarrif structure, charging an opening gambit of 9p per min to any network and 3p per SMS.

This short term offer expires at the end of June and prices rise but are still extremely competitive at 15p per min and 5p per SMS.

Stelios has partnered with Danish telecoms outfit, TDC and uses T Mobiles' network to offer the service.

TDC changed the way Danish networks operate almost overnight when they 1st launched but I'll let others (Nick or Mikkel ?) who know a lot more about that than I do comment on it.