Airspan Launches WiMAX Products

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Airspan Launches WiMAX Products
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The AS.MAX family of WiMAX base stations and end-user devices includes support for residential and nomadic Internet access, corporate data networks, and VoIP (voice over Internet protocol), according to the company. Airspan demonstrated the AS.MAX portfolio at CeBIT and says it will be commercially available in Q3 2005.

I have been waiting for WiMAX stuff to come out. This isn't the product I've been waiting for but it's a start. More info on WiMAX can be found here.


Also AT&T Begin preWiMAX trial

C|net's are running a WiMAX story:

By the second half of this year, AT&T is expected to add voice calling over Internet protocol, or VoIP, to its corporate trials as well. The company will expand its tests later this year to two other cities, but it declined to say which ones. AT&T would not disclose pricing for its service, and declined to say which equipment makers it has chosen.

and another story:

The Korean (LG Electronics) company is joining forces with Nortel Networks to develop products based on WiMax, an emerging radio technology designed to provide high-speed Internet access over distances measured in miles rather than feet. As services emerge in 2006 or 2007, WiMax may challenge cable companies and DSL providers in offering broadband connectivity.

Looks like it's not pre- any more...

AT&T Tests WiMax Gear

An AT&T official confirmed that the vendors' products are being reviewed in its labs (as are those of other equipment makers), but said that doesn't necessarily mean that they will be part of the trials.

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