Adsense Madness

As somebody who makes money from AdSense, this article in USA Today was an amusing light read. Shows how "mainstream" AdSense has become.

"You write content, publish it, and the money starts to pour in"

I never know how Danny Sullivan gets any work done, seems to be on the phone to journalists all the time

Sullivan says keyword tricks hurt the editorial integrity of sites. Another problem, he says, is the proliferation of computer-generated directories with links to hotels, restaurants and entertainment and no real editorial content, fueled by the availability of "Ads by Google" checks.

And the tales of coffers stuffed with gold are there for USA Today readers to drool at

Tales of AdSense riches range from a few hundred dollars a month to $50,000 or more a year, though high-dollar paydays are rare. They require a Web site with tons of traffic and the ability to put in 18-hour days working the system.

Pirillo, who has a following from his former role as a host on the now-defunct TechTV cable channel, says he's clearing more than $10,000 a month.

When he published the now-defunct Silicon Alley Reporter magazine, Jason Calacanis says, he used to suffer from insomnia, worrying about his monthly $200,000 to $400,000 printing bill.

He now runs a company called Weblogs, which publishes 75 Web sites on such topics as cars, gadgets, digital music and video games. He sleeps much better, he says, because "with AdSense, you know you're always making money. Your life gets a lot easier."

And the article ends with the unsolved problem of, you have guessed it, Click Fraud

Google and Yahoo say they are working on the problem, but Battelle doesn't think that's enough... says Google and Yahoo should show the same kind of joint leadership. "Because if they don't, it will end up biting them in the butt."


you need little content

You write content, publish it, and the money starts to pour in

If you know the right markets just purchase domain names that your research shows will have type in traffic. Set up a one page site that is on topic and funnel your traffic to that page. If you know what your doing it is easy to set up a little money machine. Heck, all you need is $0.02 per day per domain to break even.

that acronym

"earnings per click"


Sorry, I don't know that acronym.

In niche markets Adsense is easy.

Individuals who make significant money with Adsense, often work hard to maintain quality websites.

Think niche markets. High EPC, high CTR and low competition. I have one site that makes between $1500 and $2200 per month on 120 visitors per day. All you need is several of these types of sites and you have some nice pocket change coming in each month.

USAYesterday, let's not over sensationalize

Lousy reporting if you ask me, and certainly not business reporting. Weblogs, Inc. is no small undertaking (the 75 sites guy). So he's UPS club X 4+, what's his overhead?

Now a quality SEO network of 75 sites on-topic, drawing targeted search referrals....but then there aren't any of those out there.


Weblogs, Inc and use up to 4 - 6 advertising networks and affilaite programs.

Besides, basing 100% of your income on one service isn't wise.

For USAToday - Let's not over sensationalize

Individuals who make significant money with Adsense, often work hard to maintain quality websites.

It's not brainless, senseless work. Unethical publishers are caught and removed from the network.