If you want your Google Plus link followed...


... Use "add link" button. It's been noticed that Google Plus nofollows a lot of links except for those "attached" and also some links in the comments (that's the link with an interesting class as well: "class="a-n ot-anchor YF"").

It's unclear if it's an oversight or if it's on purpose but that's the way it's done now: When you just paste the link in the update body, it gets nofollowed. It must be a good sign Google is mildly pointing us to the "proper" way to share links.

Update: Here's a great article on Google Plus PageRank flow with the cheatsheet!

Google Plus pagerank flow


Did Google point that out?

Ann, did someone at Google point out that difference, or one of our own just discovered it?

could be Bill's post that also brought it up :)



(EDITED: Bill's post was written after this thread started my bad!!!) still a good relevant piece though. :)


Google is never that clear about anything. That was just their users' discovery...


I did link to my source ;) I always do!

But yeah, Bill's post is very detailed

haha Ann

I wasn;t suggesting you didn't cite...I saw yours before I posted this and noticed it was from way back in January.

I am anxious to see/do some testing around these followed links to see if they seem to provide any value

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