Will there be Google search in ten years?


There's no harm in hoping! And we still are! There's a good article wondering if we are seeing first signals of Google search going down?

  1. googleGoogle is a monopoly and is under scrutiny by governments in the EU, US and in numerous other countries.
  2. Google doesn’t pay taxes in countries like the US, UK, France or Germany where it makes most of its money, they do pay some tiny amounts (around 2 – 3%) but in no way the corporate tax they should.
  3. Publishers around the world rebel against the free exploitation of their content on Google News.
  4. Google replaces organic (that is non-paid) search results with ads and hidden ads called “paid inclusion”. Some Google search services like “Google shopping” only consist of ads by now. Regular Google searches for lucrative terms like “hotels” show only ads above the fold that is you have to scroll to see actual results.
  5. Search engine optimisation experts around the world advise you to become independent of Google’s mercy as the algorithms are too volatile and changing randomly.


Of course it will.

Every older search egine is still around even to this day. Google is trading on the stock market at around $700.00 per share. They generate their revenue off ad campaigns and consumer satisfaction with their products. When was the last time you had to pay for something from Google? I bet you just though.....ummm.....never? Yea that's right. Google offers 99% of their products for free to help the public and marketing firms generate revenue. All for free!


Google isn't going anywhere. They have more in their fluid reserves than most countries do! In my opinion, come 3013 the Earth will be re-named Google lol.

Google Premium

SimonSayz: You haven't read the news lately, have you? Many Google services are going "premium" aka paid only while they are frantically trying to make more money as the search ad revenue dwindles despite them cluttering the whole SERPs with ads.

Google is the system of the beast

While other search engines and entities fade away (and Google does a great job of acquiring and slowly torturing services to death - think PostRank and FeedBurner), Google is not going away. 

Never believe the show put on for our benefit of the government investigating. I was at IBM when they were "investigated" for over a decade and once the heat was off the case was dismissed for "lack of merit". Gee, it only took the Feds how many years to decide that? Please. 

Look at the $25,000 joke of a fine levied on Google. Then check out the videos in my Google Fairy post at http://GrowMap.com/google-fairy about how many pies Google's fingers were already in several years ago and their involvement in RFID, DNA research, and various other decidely non-search-engine-related businesses. 

While once I thought if they fell into too much disfavor TPTB might resurrect Bing or Yahoo!, it is looking like Google will be the one system of the NWO. 



Growmap: Where is IBM now? It doesn't even manufacture computers anymore, the Chinese have bought their brands and sell them under the Lenovo brand for a decade.

IBM gutting started years ago

IBM stopped manufacturing years ago. Almost all the parts in equipment I serviced were made by other companies. Entire machines were bought from other manufacturers and had IBM logos put on them.   


CEO Gerstner and his buddies downsized the employees and converted their pensions into cash pensions so they could buy up stock to drive the stock price up and pocket the money through bonuses (and probably timing selling off their stock options...the stock market is the biggest con game of all time!)


Palisano talked about how important the future of the Internet was to Global Services while he sold off what was related to the Internet. 


IBM and ATT sold each other pieces of their companies, forcing their employees to get "rehired" to the jobs they already had. They then had to take pay cuts, lost seniority, were put "on probation" to prove they deserved their jobs and lost most if not all of their pensions. Swapping employees = more money for execs and CEOs and burning the workers. 


We have to understand that the elites who control publicly traded corporations are globalists. We are all just "human resources" = livestock grown like cattle to be used to generate profits. Our lives mean less to them than an ant you might step on because it bit you. 


In the Google Fairy post on GrowMap that I mentioned earlier at the very bottom is a video that not only explains IBM’s connection to the Holocaust but also the IBM Verichip connection. 


Globalists sell weapons to both sides. They put all countries in debt fighting their wars that are never about what they claim and always about taking resources from a country. I highly recommend a video on YouTube that explains that "War is a Racket". 

Google should grow better not bigger

Strategy according to Michael Porter is all about saying No.  You must decide where to put your efforts and resources and not pick up every opportunity that comes up.  Even though Larry Page is now doing some pruning (as with Google Reader), I believe that is being done for operational reasons by using a cost/benefit analysis of what can be maintained for the long term.  I'm not sure they've decided strategically how they can become better rather than bigger.

At the moment, becoming bigger is creating the problems others have cited above.  However Google is clearly a success so who is going to rein in the two founders, Page and Brin. If they behave like the 900 lb. gorilla all the time, more and more people will want to clip their wings (to mix metaphors).  I believe Google in a few years will look very different from the present because of the agencies that will impose conditions on their dominance.

I have expanded these remarks in a post, Google’s Dilemma: How Big Is Too Big.


I'm not sure Google realizes it has a dilemma.  If not, I would strongly recommend that they get one. :)


There is that

I agree, Barry, expcept that I'm sure they realize the corner they're growing into. And I suspect Kent Walker has a bevy of FTC specialists scurrying around trying to put out embers before they can attract any more attention. I think it's inevitable that at some point, a breakup order will come down from on hiigh.It's a sefe bet, I think, that every action with their acquisition program is weighed heavily against that probability.

Google Premium

Onreact:  While Google and others can claim they are only interested in revenue and targeting ads, that is far from the truth.  I could never understand why IBM management made what seemed to be really stupid decisions - until I realized that the goal was NOT really "IBM Means Service" that we in the field were told. Once I saw the big picture, what had made no sense became clear. 


When what any person or corporation SAYS disagrees with what they DO, what they DO is the truth. What they SAY is the spin that keeps the masses of sheeple satisfied. Otherwise they might actually have a chance of waking up and turning on them.  

The Internet Creates New Visibility

Anyone who is aware of the dramatic drop in PC sales in the first quarter of this year is reminded of the dramatic pace at which the online world of the Internet is changing the rules.

In the 'olden days', top management would suppress information and keep their heads down until the latest PR disaster was over.  Now with social media, there is a good chance that company secrets will not stay secret for long, even if it's a disgruntled employee or ex-employee who is the whistle-blower.

Of course top management is cocooned and may hope that their perception of the good their company is doing reflects reality. It only takes a tweat to dispell that misconception.

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