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I started thinking the other day that maybe we aren't posting enough because we are having a hard time finding cool things to share. SO, I thought I would take a minute to post this EDITORS ONLY post to show some resources that I use to find interesting things, and maybe in the comments you can share some of the resources that you use.

I like browsing and searching the following:

You will notice that I stay away from communities that are with in the IM/SEO bubble to get perspectives and stories that are out of the community.

What are some places that you go to to find awesome stories?


I like to follow the money...

I like ycombinator and slashdot too, Joe. But I also like to watch the VCs and see what's grabbing their attention, not so much as investors... more the tech and the issues that they're watching.

I follow the blogs of a few VCs, but also watch the convos on:

I'm weaker than you, though.... like a moth to the flame, I keep getting sucked into the convos in the SEO bubble.

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