Big Billy G calls Brits Liars

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Newly Knighted Bill Gates Calls Brits A Bunch Of Liars
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Bill Gates, who was recently knighted, has released a study that says two thirds of British workers are liars

We know that Bill, but it's rude to point it out.

I'll bet that two thirds of that two thirds, are tech workers heh..


Very inaccurate numbers

The correct answer is 100%

That's a lie!


Another Study Has Proven...

According to [url=*-http%3A//]this study[/url], 74.6% of all statistics are meaningless.

But of course you already knew that.

I was told... shouldn't believe things posted on forums or blogs (let alone blorums)

Still, I believe everything...


That's almost as bad as "folksonomy". Man, neologisms and portmanteau words... Will these be on tomorrow's SAT?

"Gates appears to be taking h

"Gates appears to be taking his role as a Knight Commander of the British Empire seriously and attempting to strengthen the British character by highlighting moral workplace weaknesses."

But then who's going to be left to write their press releases or the system requirements section on their software boxes?

The funniest thing

is that I thought you were referring to 'Billy Graham" in the title. *laugh*


I prefer "flogs" myself...


flogs sounds like something you'll go blind from if you do too much of it and blorum sounds like something you'll catch if you do it with someone else...


I guess the tw*t has never got over what I called him after trying to install a Cambridge Graphics monitor (my pride and joy at the time) on to a Win 3.11 network!

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