Authorship bugs: Google assigning authorship to Google Plus communities


In reality, that's just one of the bugs we keep seeing but it's also the unclearest one: Google who owns so much data including Google Plus community assigns authorship value absolutely randomly:

 Fails and Puzzles

(described here)

Another case like that is being discussed in Google Plus authorship community now and there's a great point from Sean Murray there:

Incorrectly attributing a community to Authorship might drive a few people bonkers, but make someone the face of the KKK community for even a few days in Google search and that person's entire reputation could be ruined for LIFE. Google must realize that they have crossed the line from archivist to activist and their "tests" and "bugs" can now have life altering implications for individuals. Google has played the innocent middleman all this time but by slapping photos and Authorship to URLs all on their own, they have entered a very, very dangerous territory.When I see these misattributions, I am no longer thinking bug, I am viewing them as reputational assaults. One mistake is too many.

Sean's case study detailing more authorship bugs is described here by the way...

Good timing for checking your author stats in Google Webmaster Tools, I guess!