Bing partners with Pinterest: Pin from search results


Bing image search and Pinterest have much in common: Most importantly lots of copyright infringement complaints (we are unhappy with Bing, we complain about Pinterest).

Today the two combine forces and announce they can actually do without the Webmaster at all (thanks to @glenngabe for the tweet): Now users can view, enjoy and share images without ever caring to go to the actual site that hosts and produces them. Lucky us!

I wonder if Bing search will follow no-pin tag and keep those images off sharing

no pin


Content producers get screwed as always

"Now users can view, enjoy and share images without ever caring to go to the actual site" ...That seems to be the new strategy. Google is worse. They want you to stay on their property and produce content for their platform (Youtube). They don't want you to build your own brand on your domain name. How dare you?


I feel the same way about some of the schema stuff, such a recipies....

This is ALWAYS their plan

We have to be wise enough to realize that these supposedly fairy-tale success stories are manufactured PR. As soon as the media starts pushing any site you know it is part of their holdings (even though you can't prove that). 

They (the wealthy elite who control the media, multi-national corporations, faux-grass-roots-movements and agencies that are supposed to protect the public) always make it sweet to get users to contribute and promote and then gradually take away all benefit to those who made their sites great. 

We need to use their sites to connect and bring people back to communities controlled by individuals we can trust. We need to make a short list of those communities and consistently get everyone to the same ones. 

Ann, let's talk about this on Skype whenever you have time. 

Bummer. I know 2 bloggers getting 50,000+ visitors a month

Wow, more bad news about pinterest. Thanks for the heads up. Kicking myself for not jumping on it while it was so beneficial. Kelli and Crystal get 30,000-50,000+ visitors a month from pinterest. I wonder if the old pins will keep sending traffic or they will just lose all that traffic?

Doubtful the traffic will stick

I'm sure they'll lose new traffic. The only lasting benefit I'd expect is if they managed to capture the hearts of any of those visitors.

It's a really odd set of pins

You can of course see the bing pins here 

It doesn't look like much right now to me but it is sure to have an impact. 

I've had a quick look at some of the pinners who have used it and they mostly aren't pinning from sites and repinning it would seems.


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