Google Wants To Predict The Future With New Acquisition

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Google recently announced (via) the buy of Behavio, which apparently is a mobile data collection and analysis technology. With this system Google can collect all sorts of data from millions of mobile devices and make educated decisions about events about to happen.

The goal was to analyze things like physical location, contacts and other data about your activities and environment to monitor trends, then make predictions about behavior. The targets weren't just individuals though, but entire communities. It was even suggested that Behavio could predict the eruption of mass protests.

To me the whole thing seems pretty scary to me. A little to much big brother heh?


Can't say I like it much either...

definitely too Big Brother-ish for my tastes. Kinda meshes with their Official Identity Provider status under NSTIC, I suppose.

So now they'll not only have all the bits & pieces of who we are and what we say, do and eat... they'll even be able to map our route to and from work, market and our favorite night spot.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong with that?

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