Google Soon To Be The #1 ISP In The Country?


Interesting post about Google moving forward with their ISP service. I am not so sure if I like the idea of using Google as an internet provider even though I don't like Comcast either.I had my hopes up high for Verizon FIOS but it seems like it's a no go now. I hope it's not Google that dominates as the #1 ISP on the market. Someone else should step up to the plate!

Google leads the world in search, driverless cars, phone operating systems, mail services, and office in the cloud. Now it is going to be the most desired ISP. And what are Microsoft and Apple doing with their money? Sitting on it, mostly. 


might as well...

Since they track so much of what most of us do on the 'net anyway, they may as well keep log files we can look at. :P

It would be a surprise to see them pursue it, though, as it is sure to attract more FTC attention and give ammunition to the folks that would like to see them forced to break up.

My only issue is that they

My only issue is that they continue to go in to areas that already have an established infrastructure. If they really want to do something useful, roll fiber out to the smaller, less populated areas that are still on dial-up or satelite services. 


@SteveGerencser Of course they want to start taking away customers from other providers as quickly as possible. That way if their service is better people will spread the word for them and make all their friends switch too :)


If they just offered it in the area where people don't have other options then their plan wouldn't work.

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