Farking NoFollow


I just went to check some referals from Fark - The link they have pointed here is Farking NoFollowed...

Farking keep it, yer farking farkers.


Is nofollow followed?

Ammon Johns has been pointing out here and there that no SE has actually stated in no uncertain terms that links with a nofollow attribute would not be followed by their spiders.

The latest news I've read was a report at Search Engine Round Table:

Q: How do the crawlers actually treat the nofollow tag?
A: Matt said its a good question. He said, this is a vote abstain. Google specifically does not allow its crawlers to follow those links AT THIS TIME. Tim adds that when the agreement was made, the engines did not decide on the behavior of the engines. Tim didn't answer the question, I think he didn't know.

Has there been a change in that? Anybody want to say something official?


wasn't Fark the one who was selling editorial space to advertisers without telling visitors? do they nofollow their advertisers?

blanket ban today?

"...Note: Under no circumstances should content deemed valuable to humans that cannot be found elsewhere on the web ever be marked as spam at any level in any database..."

Hey it looks like GG is better :(

Other blog software

Those aren't smart spammers.

For smart spammers it's business as usual, as they're not targeting live blogs anyway...

And really, really smart spammers are pretending they're community sites are really white hat when actually they're going to go on a rampant META TAG stuffing spree and sprinkle their templates with <font color=white> "hidden text" harhar...

Personally, i was thinking of following this handy guide

Already seeing an impact.

We've already seen smart spammers moving away from the common blog packages and seeking out different types of spam. Of course, now everyone that makes a software package for the web has the ability to throw nofollow on unauthenticated links, so the job is easier--you don't have to wait for a search engine to patch a leak up, because you (the software maker) can do it yourself.

Just how effective?

Is this no follow shit?