5 Ways to Profit with Existing Content


Jen Goode writes on 5 ways to profit with existing content, including lists of materials for how-to articles and a suggested reading list that complements your content.


Good Content=New Content

It's very difficult to profit with existing content. Google requires fresh content on a weekly basis in order to maintain great standings in the SERPS.

An author with an online track record is also important. ...

I think increasingly Google will upweight the importance of an author with an online track record.  That's the only way for them to stay ahead of the tsunami of new and refurbished content.  That will make it even tougher, of course, for new writers trying to break in.

Good Content - Not necessarily New Content

I tend to disagree with expresswriters. While there's no denying that publishing frequenly is something that helps maintain momentum existing content can be a very profitable section of your business. Perhaps a better heading for your comment would be "Good Content=Fresh Content" because if you always update, refresh and improve existing content to keep it current then you'll continue to drive leads through it :)

I'm not exactly all that keen on throwing affiliate links into everything as a way of monetizing things but it's one way to do it, and if you monetize things with the goal of providing a real use (such as promoting things that you whole-heartedly endorse or providing suggested reading lists etc) then your doing it right but personally I think the better way to profit from existing content is through keeping it fresh and always generating leads through being truly useful ;)

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