Apple loses far more than Bloggers

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Apple Wins Trade Secrets Legal Dispute
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No, the title's correct. Apple haven't won a damn thing, but they've lost a great, great deal...

A California judge on Friday ruled that three independent online reporters may have to divulge confidential sources in a lawsuit brought by Apple Computer Inc., ruling that there are no legal protections for those who publish a company's trade secrets.

Google, Apple, who's next for tarnishing a good reputation eh?


Blogs as Periodical Publications...

Who does the California Shield Law protect? Well, according to the text, "...a publisher, editor, reporter or other person connected with or employed upon a newspaper, magazine or other periodical publication."

Um, wouldn't that be a blog too? Especially the latter part.

The question is, how long will the ruling take to be shot down? Will the journalists go to jail to protect their sources?

That might be a key difference - a WaPo reporter (most of the time) has the financial backing of the media organization. Bloggers (most of the time) are poor.

Still, they have a right not to give up sources, imho.

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