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UPDATE: See end of post for updated info.

A Threadwatch reader, Michel emailed me a little earlier to point out that had apparently, and very quietly launched.

I've spent the last half an hour hunting around for mention of this and at least according to my searches, it is brand spanking new.

Accessing and Using Google Mobile

You can access Google Mobile by simply navigating to the normal Google home page. Presumably it detects you're on a mobile phone and displays the correct formatting for you. You can see how it looks in a web browser by going to

What you can do..

You can use Google Mobile for:

Other services such as Froogle and Gmail are not available right now. There an extensive FAQ however.

You can also Add Google Mobile to your site.

Looks good doesn't it?

As many Threadwatch members pointed out, this does appear to be a repackaging operation from Google. Gary Price also emailed me to drop a few URLs that support this:

Thanks Gary!


Don't forget about http://www

Don't forget about It provides a similar experience for very small screens.

palm dot

There's a dot at the end of that url that should not be there :)

Nice scoop Nick - haven't seen it anywhere else :-)

Somehow... well, i wrote this just eight days ago (msg #21) so i guess i don't have to say it makes perfectly good sense to me *lol*

Google Mobile is out

Google's just released a mobile version of its search engine - thanks to Threadwatch for the tip-off. You can see how it works in a browser here.

Interestingly, the search results don't take you to the actual page - instead, the page is filtered t...

try taking a look at your pages

Try taking a look at your pages when doing a search through that interface ("/xhtml"). Just click through on the SERPS. Very interesting, almost like a pure text browser, but not quite. Eg. i saw one example of including "meta description" on the visible part of the page.


I've been using this for years on various phones, it might have been through the imode bit though or something else. I think this is just a repackaging to emphasise the local aspect.


My hubby's been using this for quite some time too.

hmmm indeed...

Im not to unhappy with how the Threadwatch homepage looks but they could certainly use a little tweaking in there..

Needs some linebreaks for a start...

oh dear... you can't link to the results?

I thought I'd see this before

I thought I'd seen this before. :)

Still, now it occurs to me that you can see where Google *might* be taking all of this. If so, Russell Beattie & Yahoo! be damned - Google out-thunk you long ago.


It seems to have many issues so far - doesn't this have a BETA stamp on it?

When trying to navigate the links on a given page im often getting an error...

Whatever happened to 'wml'?

Whatever happened to 'wml'? Did that ever take off? Does anyone use it? Am I *way* behind the times?

WML lives

I use it on my site, I get a number of daily WAP/WML users. Also, it appears that Google Mobile serves up content to the small screens via a WML proxy.

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