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Google AdWords Competitive Intelligence
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Added: Dont miss the first comment on this post. Adgooroo have kindly offered a discount to Threadwatch readers on top of the free month's trial.

You'll have to be the judge of this one, i know very little of adwords. The feature list looks rather impressive...

AdGooroo can answer a variety of strategic marketing questions, such as:

* Where, when, and how much are my competitors advertising?
* What new competitors are entering my industry?
* What new campaigns have my clients, prospects, or competitors launched in the past week?
* What keywords are my competitors targeting?
* How am I positioned relative to my competitors on my most profitable keywords?
* Are any of my competitors making unauthorized use of my trademarks?
* How have my competitors changed their ad copy over time?
* How does my campaign compare to my top competitor’s?

Specific features include:

* Historical archive of competitors' ads
* Trademark infringement search
* Industry map
* Detailed Keyword map
* Detailed analysis of competitors' campaigns
* Compare two campaigns in a side-by-side fashion
* Diagnose "unhealthy" keywords and get recommendations on how to correct them.


Link to the website

Thanks for the repost, Nick.

AdGooroo recently launched the first competitive intelligence service for AdWords. The software was originally written to gather information about the competitive landscape for another company's AdWords campaign. We immediately started running circles around the competition: making better copy, attacking their premium ads, monkeying with their automated bid management software, and so on. The company grew from a weekend website to over $900,000 in revenues in a few months time.

That's when we realized the commercial potential of the technology. We invested in the company, built it up, and eventually got our first round of funding. We've since filed for a patent and signed up one of the leading paid search agencies to our service. They've already begun using it to whip the competition in the online dating industry. you can read about our techniques in a free e-book we have hosted on the site.

We charge a premium for the service, but we're being very generous with discounts right now as we build up our customer list. Sign up for a free trial and let me know you heard about us here at ThreadWatch, and we'll give you a 50% discount on your first month of service (until November 10th).

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