Mega Agency BlueGlass heading into receivership


The dream company that turned into a nightmare. Barry Schwartz gives us an small insight into what happened at BlueGlass. BlueGlass was touted as the epitome of SEO agencies and is now about to collapse. At the time of its formation I thought it might have been a bit to top heavy. All those big egoes in one company was always going to cause some friction.

There is more interesting stuff going on at the FaceBook page



That's really sad, especially that someone would want to sue their colleagues. BlueGlass was a sound company. They just need some outside capital I guess.

May get worse

When it gets into the courts (if not before), and the finger-pointing starts in earnest, it could get real nasty. I hope the employees who have suddenly found themselves without a job or any hope of collecting back wages all land on their feet quickly. There was some amazing talent there, and the community seems to be rallying around them, so hopefully...

As for Zwicky, from the outside, looking in, it's impossible to know what went on over the last 16 months or so, but I certainly have no reason to doubt Greg's words... the fact remains, Zwicky bailed and disappeared. That's about as chickenshit as it gets, even if he isn't personally responsible for the financial situation. I think we have a few BGers in here, so while I'm not in a position to hire any of them, I'm certainly willing to offer whatever assistance I can - just tap me.

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