PageRank-Thinking versus AuthorRank-Thinking


Ok, so the AuthorRank is not here yet, but no one can stop us from elaborating on what it's going to do and how it's going to work.

Authorrank pagerankThe general commonsense consensus is that it will probably help informing PageRank (help Google smarter judge the link quality), but will it be able to change our overall link-focused mindset?

has some interesting thoughts on that talking about how AuthorRank-think may change guest blogging:

You might want to consider NOT spewing your guest posting efforts over the maximum number of domains you can find (that is PageRank thinking) and instead focus on a small number of REAL WORLD authority building tactics to market your site.

While I don't necessarily agree with the point of targeting only highest-profile sites when guest posting (because if that would have been my strategy once, I wouldn't have been able to do that) but being focused instead of trying to target the quantity should be not a bad idea...

If authorrank ever becomes a reality, will it be able to reset our link building expectations?


... and conversely blog owners should seek strong guest authors

Perhaps a more obvious implication of all this is that blog owners should favour guest blog posts from authors who have built up an online authority.

I’ve been looking into wot

I’ve been looking into wot and now have it installed and love it for highlighting good and bad sites..

The thing that is interesting is it ranking system.

I think google would have a similar approach as most people aren’t going to author many articles. The most valuable articles are likely to be the one offs 

Most users whose ratings are considered highly reliable are not very active. You won't meet them at the forum and they don't rate unusually many sites.


Since reliability estimates are not revealed to anyone, trying to game the system becomes more difficult. Most trusted users have no idea their ratings are more trusted than someone else's. If you don't know you have power, you also have no incentive to abuse it.


Reliability estimates are not binary values that are either on or off. They are composed of several components, which are all combined in to a single value from 0-100 separately for each rating component. This means that your child safety rating may have a different weight than the ratings in other components, for example. 


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