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Study: Blog Readers An Elite Minority
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No, it's true! At least according to Henry Copeland of BlogAds as MediaPost reports.

BlogAds conducted a study, a somewhat limited one at only 3000 participants, but it's findings were interesting if not so surprising. They appear to be more geared toward stiring up a bit of a reaction with the media press than anything else.

Interesting to note that young Henry choose to break out his study data on MediaPost rather than with the pajama wearing influencers....

"The crucial point we found here is 70 percent of bloggers fall into that critical demographic for advertisers known as 'influentials,'" said Copeland, who used the term "bloggers" to refer to both blog writers and readers. "These guys might be sitting in their basements, wearing pajamas, but before that they were at the town meeting, getting involved socially and politically, setting the standard."

I don't wear pajamas, make of that what you will...


70 percent of bloggers ...

Trouble is if you look at BlogAds make up, they claim 100 million impressions a month, and virtually all of that come from their top 20 blogs (if they can be called blogs in the accepted understanding of it)

The poor sods that he calls the influentials are in the "long tail" and are making under $1000 a year from BlogAds.

An "influencial" blogger will, dear help me for saying this, make more money from WebLogsInc than with BlogAds.

Does that also make spammers "influential"

What a surprise that a survery done by an ad company syas that their ad channel reaches the most influential people. I guess blog spammers knew this all along. This would make blog spammers smarter than Madison Ave. for targeting the most influential segment :)

Where do they get the 'pajama

Where do they get the 'pajama wearing' comment? Because many businesses still haven't figured it out? Or because many non-tech baby boomers don't know what a blog is, so they figure it must be something 'kids' do?


> I don't wear pajamas, make of that what you will...

Too much information, Nick.


I wear a nice dark green dressing gown (robe to the US'ers) - and im generally still in it at 3/4pm :)

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