Email Stop Words Affecting Legitimate Communications?


BeTuitive Marketing has researched email filters and has found that we are now being censored in odd ways, not by people but by spam filters. And it is seriously effecting the way business is done, as more legitimate emails get junked in spam filters. The words that are banned include:-

  • enlarge
  • win
  • long distance
  • free
  • big bucks
  • click here
  • spam
Still, the same content filters that are supposed to be protecting corporate communications and increasing productivity may be blocking a good chunk of legitimate communications.

Do you get to say what you want to say? Do you get to read what you want to read?

They have found that

In crafting newsletters, we carefully abide by spam filters' daunting demands and avoid terms we know filters will flag and cause messages to be rejected. Increasingly, these restrictions can seem ludicrous. Many of the terms we no longer use in our email are not even vaguely offensive.


they're almost certainly being stopped

a couple of spamfilters I've seen filter the word unsubscribe. Natural language just isn't an option these days.

Email Checker

Hey Guys,

Does anyone know a good tool for checking how Spam Blocker Friendly an email is.

We send out newsletters and customer emails and I often worry about whether they are being spam blocked or not.

I know that sitesell has a good email spam checker. Just curious if there are any other good ones.

Sad but true -

it's not the inherent "offensiveness" (or not) of a word, it's the use it's been put to by those with agendas.