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Pirillo interview with spammer scary
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Oilman's interview with Chris Pirillo is scaring poor young Robert while Peter seems to find it as amusing as i do...

If you've ever met Oil in person, you'll know that's he's pretty tall, but far from scary heheh.. I see rcjordan is adding to the fun in the comments on Scobles post aswell...

The kicker is that i can't listen to it, after a year of trouble free "Advanced Linux Sound Architecture" im busy on the Gentoo forums asking for help to get the damn thing fixed.. sigh..


bah - I'm just big teddy bear

bah - I'm just a big teddy bear ;)

Oilman d00d

One scary guy for sure!! I guarantee that!

wow - I never I shoulda known

wow - I never I shoulda known getting a mic with Chris would garner some reaction but this is crazy :). RSS spam isn't a worry in that you'll see ads and links in your RSS feed. Short of hacking your system no one can insert stuff into your feed but....think about it for a minute. You've generated this nice little feed that I can pull onto my site and do whatever I want with it. I can mash a bunch of feeds together and and just spew back content or (and I know you'll like this one) I can take you feed and run it on my site and insert links and stuff on the fly. It's really not that hard to manipulate the data once I have it.

The interview ran a bit weird when we started talking about RSS - I didn't get right to the point with Chris as fast I could have but it did sort itself out. We did the interview on the exhibit hall floor and about that point in our chat people started gathering around and I am easily distracted :).


The many faces of spoilman...

Good listen...

Oilman handled the lil' gnome's disdain quite graciously (and with a bit of quick wit I might add). Nice job man.

Now if we could only get the rest of the owners of the internet (bloggers) to hold hands with us and sing...

Interviewing people is a toug

Interviewing people is a tough gig.


I find the juxtaposition of 'spammers being scary' and 'dumbing down' of the web interesting ...


i laughed when Chris was like, "really? they're here? let's go get 'em!"

what got me was that he said he still did it 'evenings and weekends...' is he still making money at it then? a rainbow hat SEO?

tried running

/etc/init.d/alsa-autoconfig root of course? Just a thought... it did it for me last time i switched sound card.

"I've been doing it a couple of years..... have been doing it for a couple of years, I should say"


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