- Images on Search Results


UPDATE: We now have UK confirmation, thanks jetboy :)

Just sent in by a reader, search for Maps of London

Im in denmark using and the guy who sent it in, bless his shy little heart, isn't in UK either - the only other UK guy i did get to talk to in the last 20mins says he doesn't see that at all.

It does look like something's going on but, hell knows what it is heh...


getting newcastle

get map of newcastle upon tyne, in, err.. newcastle upon tyne :)

not maps... though

firefox extension

There is an excellent firefox extension called 'googlepreview' that will associate a picture of the website (if available) in the google search results.

Bugger all

Getting bugger all - and I am in London.

Well it's not longer working

Well it's no longer working on webwarper, images are gone.

The same in

Today a lot of people have seen images in queries for a lot of keywords.
This morning I put this post with screenshots and some examples.

Also from NY

Same stuff. Nothing for map of ?????. Not even NY, Edinburgh, Cologne, Amsterdam. It would be funny if you did Amsterdam and got the Koffie Shop map.


Getting the maps for 'map of london'. Getting nothing for 'maps of london'. UK.

I'm in Canada and I don't see

I'm in Canada and I don't see it. But when I use webwarper* whooops! There it is.

I see it as well

Here in the U.S.


Screenshot added...