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Brilliant Programmer Successfully Fools Google (not)
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From DigitalPpoint.

I thought this was interesting, especially in the context of link building and for those who purchase links based on the color of the greenbar.

The thread discusses a site that cloaked for Google and 301'ed requests from Googlebot back to the ToolBar update the sneaky old so and so's home page went PR 10. The cache is a bit of a giveaway as it shows the Google home page, plus all the backlinks are from, yup

Something to consider in any future link purchasing endeavours. Caveat Emptor!


Sorry Rob

I totally missed this submission!

I usually just ignore this guys posts, most of them just wind me up, but that *is* interesting insnt it?

Also some credit... AleksKing who posted this example on SC on Sept 8th. DP quickly gets to the point however - LOL - no 36 posts on "How on earth... etc." there.

Pagerank hunters beware I guess..

Yes I hear that Wit!

Its a shame really as quite a few green hunters will be caught out by this.

Still, if they are seeking links based on the toolbar and don't look under the hood before parting with any cash, then it kinda serves them right really.

Alarm bells should ring if backlinks + displayed pr dont quite tell the story that they should. I guess that a determined scammer could knock up a small domain and skillfully redirect to pages of sliding scale pr.

The quarterly toolbar updates ( if this indeed the likely future pattern) certainly dont help.

I think it's a great trick...

...and this one in particular is of course too obvious to be fooled by. I can imagine though that people selling domains go about it more subtly when they try and pull a stunt like this. It's only fair to draw some attention to this method, as a kind of "Buyer Beware" notice... and for fun of course ;)


Indeed! I'd say that there are few people have bought what they thought was a pr8 or pr 7 domain for bundles, only to see all the green disappear, then screaming.."Why have I been penalised? I was pr8 and now am pr0, and I didn't spam, either.."

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