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A9 is Now in the Weblog Search Business
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Gary Price adds a little more detail to Danny Sullivans earlier post on Amazon's A9 OpenSearch features.

It turns out that as well as being able to add all kinds of buttons for vertical search's, A9 now have a Blog Search Database aswell...

Looks like fun eh?


found it yesterday

I didn't know it was "old" news. Anyway, i played with it a little and i thought it was a great way of innovating search.

The OpenSearch spec is actually a flavour of RSS allowing you to put your own site search on other sites (like A9.com, but not limited to A9) - and the other way round. It's just like RSS feeds, but with SERP's. Here's a quote:

And because OpenSearch is built on top of standard RSS, existing tools—such as blog readers—can read OpenSearch results natively

There's even a Perl wrapper script to use if your site search returns HTML results and you don't really know how to turn it into OpenSearch format.

Sofar, there's 118 different channels that integrate with A9, and as far as i can judge you should be able to integrate these into something else as well. As an example, here's the "more info" from the New York Times Search

(note the "partner" parameter last in the URL - it gives some amount of control, but that one is NYT specific, not part of the spec)

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