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Anyone who downloads MP3s will be aware of They have experienced massive viral growth recently. You can download whole albums and they have pretty much every album going. They survived by being based in Russia and exploting a legal loophole in Russion law in regards to the distribution of copyrighted material in electronic format.

These guys upset a LOT of people at the The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry and it seemed only a matter of time before they got closed down in the same way as previous sites.

But, it would appear that have survived (for now)!

The DA’s office determined that while Allofmp3’s action are in fact theoretically illigal - they do not have the permission of all the artists they feature on the website to distribute their music - in the Russian copyright law there is no specific prohibition of digital distribution over the internet, thus the law couldn’t be applied against them.

I really admire the ingenuity of some of these operations that flagrantly flout the law by exploiting such legal loopholes. Trying to think up a few on my own now!