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Ten Reasons Why Blogging Doesn't Matter
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Carrying on from Tim Bray's Ten Reasons Why Blogging is Good For Your Career , the Tao of Mac gives us 10 reasons why blogging doesn't matter.

I like number 5.

5. Bloggers are better-informed than non-bloggers. Knowing more is a career advantage.
Balderdash. Bloggers are not necessarily better-informed. They might be more focused or be the first to publish the facts, but they are too often ignorant of the wider picture (no matter what the subject matter) or the consequences of writing what they do.

Bloggers tend to have strong, acute viewpoints on niche issues - a lot like academia, in fact. Except that unlike research papers, blogging is not subject to peer review before going to press, nor does it need to have bibliography and references.

Facts may be checked or confirmed by other blogs (and it works OK for news), but the really important things from a business perspective (like industry trends, lobbies, management strategies, etc.), are never blogged about - they just sit there in the background, while bloggers lap up "newsbytes" like hungry minnows.

Knowing more might be a career advantage, but knowing how to look beyond the facts at hand is the true advantage.

An interesting read :)


I remember someone (no clue who, now - senior AND blond, okay?) saying back in 1984 or so (that was when I got my first machine) "PCs will never matter". Was in some mag or other that I subscribed to back then....

there's a whole book of them

i think. i can't remember the title, but it was full of gems like someone saying TV was a fad that would pass, etc...

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