RSS Spam - New Garbage or New Opportunity?

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Spam Finds it's Way to RSS Feeds?
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Andy Beal reports finding spam in his rss aggregator. It's enevitable of course but it's really quite astonishing that this isnt more of a problem already. You can do amazing things with RSS - all manner of SEO related techniques and skullduggery but the general "hit as many as you can with somthing stupid" approach to UCE will not be welcome.

Personally i love good spam, it's a shame that most that practice it are unskilled monkeys.

I cant think of any other approach as I write this but with the popularity of RSS increasing rapidly it may well be worth looking at it from a new angle. I've found some excellent ways of increasing links and spreading the word with RSS (pretty much the whole point of the tech) but what else could you do with it?