Interview: Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales

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Interview: Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales
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A short Q&A with the founder of Wikipedia at

I was recently on a panel with the head of He said they have 300 million pageviews a month. I said that's good; we have 400 million. Then he said he had 180 people on staff. I said I have one part-time person who helps me with the servers. There's something new going on here. It's not about broadcast, it's about interaction.

He goes on to discuss the community of editors and a couple of his other projects.


wiki textbooks

Let's do something cool. It's more cool to think about totally changing the landscape - for example, by radically undercutting the market for proprietary textbooks [...] On Wikibooks, there's a growing community of people working on textbooks: a complete K through 12 curriculum, and on through university level, for all subjects. It's just getting started, and it's a long-term project.

Now thats a good use of the internet. Almost altruistic :)
Ta for posting it, I'd have completely missed it otherwise.

Textbooks are a nice monopoly to break up

That would be great if they are successful with textbooks. I never understood why those types books are some of the most expensive books around.

I just wish they could also talk to my university professors. They always enjoyed writing books and then makeing it mandatory reading for the class (ie go and buy my book).

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