For Disavow Analysis All You Need is Google Webmaster Tools Data!


Marie Haynes has just tweeted one cool thing: Now confirmed! For Disavow Analysis all you need is an export from your Google Webmaster Tools!


This doesn't mean other tools are not useful but for this specific task we are pretty much definitive now what we should do. That's not that often that we hear anything that definitive from Google!


WMT is often the most complete

When we do an in-depth site audit, we will typically run several different tools on the site, in order to get as complete a picture as possible. When looking at link profiles, we've found WMT to consistently be the most complete. That's not to say that OSE, Majestic and ahref aren't good tools. Sometimes, one or more of them will show something that Google doesn't. But Google always offers more. If I could only have one link tool, it'd have to be WMT.

Google wont endorse other third party tools

I highly suspect that google will ever endorthank third party tools. So all they can recommend is webmaster tools.

the problem is when you have more than 100k links. Webmaster tools will only give you 100k of links. For my clients, it is completely useless, especially for a site with 2 million links or more. 100k is only a small snippet of the links, and could be the wrong ones.

the real question is how many

the real question is how many linking root domains ... a few sitewide links can tally up to a pretty large number of linking root domains.... with large sites, I usually find domain: to be pretty powerful...

with regards to your comment, is it a fair expecation of google to have to require webmasters to pay for third party indices to get out of a penalty?

I've been using GWMT and I find it to be a mixed back of dead links, live links from eons ago, that were probably devalued ages ago.. etc.. etc..



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