Google Slaps TLA - Why it Took So Long?


Matt Cutts confirmed via Twitter that Google is after Text-Link-Ads now and William Patton spotted an interesting sign of Google's hate to TLA:

tla in SERPs

The real striking question is, does it mean TLA links have been working fine until now? How come it took Google so long???



as with most people wondering

as with most people wondering is/was TLA working?

It does seem odd that one of the most advertised has only just been hit? Why so long? Why now?



It's not TLA

Read Matt's tweet. It's not technically that they're after. Google is after their publishers, those who sell text link ads. It's the sites selling text link ads.

still interesting..I wonder what the big picture of this move is

the first thing i thought when I read this is what a great way to gather a huge database of sites to help build a seed list  profile link sellers generally ... TLA is pretty old, so they probably have a huge inventory of sites... I wonder if TLA is the only named one but that maybe they're pulling the plug on many more in the background..


I find it interesting that

I find it interesting that the #1 ad for text link ads is Adwords. 

Agreed. If you search

Agreed. If you search "" you'll see that Google runs an ad for AdWords against them.

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