Women - More Stressed, Harder to Market To

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A Good Woman (Customer) Is Hard to Find
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eMarketer report on a study conducted by PR firm Ketchum that among other things, finds the following..

  • Women aged 25 - 54 have little time to hear commercial messages
  • They're more stressed than men, or any other group
  • More likely to feel distracted and "pulled" in different directions
  • 74% spend more time thinking about others needs, than their own
  • 59% rarely or never read a newspaper, 56% said the same for magazines

As eMarketer report, it's odd that there's no data about internet consumption, though the figures do compare interestingly to the technology involved female study released by Intel some time back.


but they outnumer male shoppers online

Men generally pay for a few bigger ticket items, women generally buy many smaller ticket items, and women form abotu 52% of the market according to this Dec 2004 report http://www.ecommerce-guide.com/news/research/article.php/3448041

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