Matt Cutts and misconceptions in SEO


OK I watched this video and I nearly barfed. I have two questions for the SEO's and Webmasters out there.

1) Does anyone actually believe that Panda and Penguin would have been implemented and left in place if it made Google less money? He says that google actually made less money for a quarter because of Penguin and or Panda. Ok there might have been a moment in time when the algirhtms were originally released when the webmasters stepped back and analized what was going on so they didn't spend. However soon after Google started making more money than they had ever in their history. It is not happy users that made them this money it is the webmasters and publishers that ran to adwords to try and save their websites. Seriously this video is making me physically sick.

Google is a company EVEYRTHING it does has to be designed to MAKE MORE MONEY and drive it's STOCK PRICE UP because it is beholden to it's share holders. It is physically not allowed to do anything else. So yes Panda and Penguin are designed to make more money.

2) Is Matt delusional and really believe the clap trap he is spouting? or is he just very good at playing the role of chief of propaganda?

I will totally understand if this one doesn't get approved.


I believe that the Google

I believe that the Google spam team is the red headed step child at Google and rides in the back of the bus most of the time. If the spam team had any real power the the plex you would not have the Adwords team telling webmasters to do exactly the opposite of what the spam team tells you to do in relation to ad placement.

We are far beyond great search results being needed to keep people using Google. Using Google is a conditioned response just as using MS Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader are. It's just what you do.

I am in total agreement Steve

I really think Matt and his team do fight spammers or whatever but their influence in what the algorithm actually does and achieves is negligible. It's Amit and his team of  no lifers (I mean that in nicest possible way) who are under orders from the likes of Larry page and Eric Schmidt who do all the algorithmic heavy lifting. 

It is Schmidt's and Page's job to make sure Google earns cold hard cash. If they didn't they would be quite frankly in a lot of trouble. 

What I don't understand is that more people don't understand this. Google is a corporation and needs to make bigger profits to satisfy shareholders. It isn't an altruistic non profit organization with the betterment of mankind in mind.

I have said this before "Web Search is too important to be a corporate" it really should be a not for profit like wikipedia. it is way to important to be left in the hands of megalomaniacs like Page and Schmidt.

Your red headed step child comment had me laughing :)

We need to always hear what Matt says, even if he doesn't say it

I don't have time to go back and watch it again atm, but I recall thinking when I watched it that it was a good thing he said "short term" effect. I'm almost certain he specifically said it had a short term impact on earnings. I suspect that's probably true of just about every major update since Caffeine, too.

But no update is likely to have any substantial lasting dampening effect on their earnings. If it was thought that it might, they'd simply can the idea.

Think bigger

While I agree that Google rakes in all the money it can, it is naive to believe that is their primary focus. Look at the big picture. Google is a system of control. Their ideal is to show only big brands and eventually only ONE result for each search. (I didn't make that up - those are what their CEO says their goals are.)


Sadly, if they did not strangle the golden goose of AdWords to turn it into a zero-sum game where only those with the deepest pockets get to win, they would actually make MORE money. Back in the early days of ppc (2003-2004) we could make small businesses a fortune bidding on long tail keywords on unique products they sell. By 2008, the only way to get your ads to show was to outbid everyone who set their accounts to the default broad match. 


Because that causes ad spend to exceed profit margins, for most products - except high end, big dollar items - AdWords stopped working. My best example is a Mennonite family business that makes oval gazebos. Early on, if you wanted an oval gazebo you could find them. Later, they would have to outbid every gazebo seller on the planet even though none of the others even makes or sells oval gazebos. End of game.  


Without broad match, there would be many winners. I would still be making lots of money for small businesses by identifying and advertising what they did that was unique. Google knows this - and they don't care. They are pushers of easy profits and easy traffic. They give you enough to get you addicted, and then they start diluting your profits or even outright picking your pocket. This is the reality. Many are so addicted they can't seem to walk away. 


Nothing converts like search. Google has a monopoly on both organic and paid search. Get over it. There is no one thing that can replace search traffic. There aren't ten things. So you better get to work doing dozens or even hundreds of other things. Get off that dead-end train before you look back fondly on the old days when Farmer / Panda only took 30% of your business and Penguin only cut you down to half of what you once made. 

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