G+ isn't a social network, but you knew that, right?


Excellent piece  out of the UK explaining a plausible version of why G+ exists.  It's not a social network, and to think of it that way is to mislead yourself.  The article suggests it's more like the Matrix, a layer across everything that filters everything.  Filters and tracks...everything...



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When the systems all merge, Google will be it.

Charles Arthur is right. Google is The Matrix. I consider it the system of the beast - the most likely candidate for where all other systems will eventually merge. Just as you have a profile on Facebook even if you have never been there, Google tracks you everywhere and creates a G+ account for you.


Who hasn't seen Google suggest you circle someone in your gmail - only to find out they're not even on Google Plus? Do this test. Try logging out and see if what you do AFTER you log out ends up in your history. It used to and it may still. (I haven't checked lately, but that was a big issue when I used to log into customer's accounts.)


Same thing with Yahoo. You can log out, but they keep tracking as though it is still you. The data these systems are building into a profile of each of us is so corrupted by incorrect assumptions. But they don't care as long as they can pretend it is you. You WILL end up with it in your history and some day that may cost you your reputation, your freedom, even your life.


But that is too scary to consider, so most will just label those of us who understand the dangers of data mining and profiling gone wild as crazy, or paranoid, or "conspiracy theorists" and just go back to sleep. I don't care if they wake up. I just wish there were some place to go to escape all this insanity. But since there isn't, just fly under the radar. As John Kay wrote and his band Steppenwolf sings, "Just keep your mouth shut if you find a way out."



G+ = No Social Network

I've always thought of Google+ as an extension of the overall Google dataset. Sort of like 'we've got this ability to connect you to other people & places and publish what you do in a stream but fact of the matter is we already know you are doing these things and we just want to tie it all in one place'. It really isn't, and probably never will be, a proper social network.

I use tons of Google services and they are all connected to the one account so Google must have a pretty big dataset on me but I'm not too fussed, so long as they use it to impove what they show me and products I use. I'm one of the people happy to live oblivious within the Google Matrix XD

absolutely correct!

I think you're spot on, Duane. I've said as much since it launched, most recently on SEW, here: http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2268076/Is-Google-Sucking-the-Life-Out-of-Your-Identity-Are-They-Alone

"Google+ was designed to connect all those dots. It was never intended to be a Facebook-killer. It was never intended to be a social media platform. It is simply intended to be a hub – the focal point of all your connected dots."

It's NOT??

Always thought it was just another way they could mine data. Funny too how they track all accounts.  Say you have 50 gmail accounts accessed from an office.  These could all be employees etc. Google keeps an eye on those and links them all to that IP address. Kind of scary how it's monitored if you really think about it. 

Are you really in control of your searches? Probably not I get served up all kinds of stuff i have never searched for but someone in the office did..

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