In a Post Google Penguin World, It is Still Okay to Link Out?


Bill Hartzer was kind enough to write this post to address issues I'm running into with sites not wanting to link out because of fear of Panda. It includes his Pubcon presentation from April 13, 2013.


One source of "too many outbound links" theory

Bill, do you agree with this or disagree?


Too Many Outbound Links

Part of my early searching helped me discover that too many outbound links can pose a problem.  You’ve always heard inbound links are a good thing, but outbound links can actually hurt you.  Here is the original Google Page Rank Equation from when Page Rank was first being developed:

PR(A) = (1-d) + d(PR(t1)/C(t1) + … + PR(tn)/C(tn))

Basically, it means the Page Rank of Site A equals the Sum of Each Page Rank of Linking Sites Divided by The Number of Outbound Links on the Site.


Theoretically, for an inbound link to a site, it can mean that a PR4 site with only 5 outbound links has the same weight as a PR8 site with 100 links.


From this, you can derive your Page Rank.  That is why everyone has always preached “get more backlinks”.  And while that is true, you also lose from having too many outbound links that essentially drain your Page Rank.

I just shudder at the thought

I just shudder at the thought about that... Linking is what ALL the web is about: This is why it's called WEB! The fact that some people are actually afraid of linking to someone now is total nonsense and it's actually very sad!

Mathematically, he's not

Mathematically, he's not wrong. If you have a rubbish site with a few links in and 12 gazillion links out, then, yes, it could do bad things to your magical 'page rank' number, as there wont be enough left to flow through your own site, which is how most of the page rank reaches your inner pages.

But thats not how the net is supposed to work; linking out is supposed to show you are a valuable part of the 'net' part of the internet. So if you did the same thing from a good site, you should find that linking out more is bringing you more backlinks so you have a net win.

So this isnt something that worries me :)

Google's John Mueller on Video = why sites are afraid of links

See this for the source of why sites don't want links in guest posts >>




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