Brands Threaten Legal Action, Fear of Search Abuse Grows

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Brands threaten legal action as fear of search abuse grows
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On the front cover of this months New Media Age is an interesting article illustrating the disquiet amongst merchants regarding affiliates PPC'ing on their brands

In the world of pay-per-click search, the problem is even more complex, as the relationships between a brand and its affiliates and dealers proliferate and as different companies take different approaches to the use of their brands online. Some brands, such as Butlins (NMA 24.02.05), are happy for their affiliates to bid for search terms including their name, and use a tiered system of commissions to reflect that. But the majority of companies are much stricter about how they allow their brands to be used. And beyond this are problems such as companies bidding on their competitors' brand names.

Those involved in this sector of SEM will obviously be well aware of this but the fact that it is making the mainstream media indicates what a widespread issue this is becoming